Our Team

Advisor, Surveillance Investigation

Our investigation advisor and part of investigation team members have working experiences from different disciplined forces and departments. Among all team members, the longest experience is more than 20 years at which they had experience of participating in various aspects of case investigation. Professional advice of team members from different generations would help to provide clients with a more comprehensive solution.



Head of Information Technology and Electronic Devices

In the modern technology world, it is often necessary to include auxiliary equipment and information technology to achieve a better investigation result. Our company information technology in-charge, whom has working experience in information technology department from various industries at which can provide our clients with appropriate technology and equipment support to allow a smoother investigation process.



Advisor, Intellectual Property Department

Intellectual property rights protection plays an indispensable role in the modern business world. We invited professionals from the field of intellectual property to provide our corporate clients with advice on certain areas, including trademarks, products and related services.



Legal Consultant

We have working relations with various legal firms and are ready to provide legal advice and assistance to our clients whenever it is necessary.



Social worker and psychological counselling

Whenever our clients encounter emotional or family problems that need professional advice, we would be able to refer registered social worker or psychologist for assistance.




DNA Test

While encountering complicated cases that require the assistance of chemical technology investigation, we could also seek help from our expert laboratory team to find out answer for clients.